Takeads Empowers Publishers at AWIN ThinkTank 2023: Monetize Your Site with Native Ad Solutions

This year’s AWIN ThinkTank 2023 conference will take place in Berlin, Germany on June 27-28 – and Takeads is part of it! 

in Berlin, Germany’s digital advertising Mekka Takeads team will showcase a range of native ad solutions, demonstrating how publishers can leverage these formats to maximize revenue while staying relevant to the digitally savvy audience. Native advertising becomes crucially important for the new generation of publishers, offering a non-intrusive and thus more authentic way to connect with the communities and consumers Through its innovative data-driven technology to deliver accurate insights into users’ preferences without breaching their privacy, Takeads aims to enable publishers to deliver campaigns that are targeted, relevant, and visually appealing.

Takeads team gives more insights in Berlin

Takeads team, led by the CEO Pawel Mazurek, will be present throughout the entire conference – and is eager to connect, network and share their know-how and key insights on all things data-driven native advertising now and in the future. 

Please  get in touch to schedule your personal, one-to-one meeting with Pawel or  Bis Dev Manager Marina Yavorina

We look forward to seeing you in Berlin next week!

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