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You can reach customers through contextual relevance and native ad formats without revealing personal information.

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Our mission

Embrace native advertising – where content and ads work together as a unit to reach relevant users at the right time and place – to raise interest, awareness, and positive responses to your company materials.

Users’ interests are leveraged in messages that stir emotion, inspire action, and do not require any personal data.

Takeads is a privacy-first contextually targeted, native advertising network

Our approach is to respect the privacy of users when it comes to advertising. To choose the most relevant brand message and format, we consider contextual and user data.


Privacy-protected ad targeting

Search targeting

Keywords targeting allows brands to boost their messaging while respecting our privacy-first approach. Only search queries and tendencies are considered; users’ data is not used or stored.

Context targeting

Takeads focuses on contextual targeting, analyzing the context in which users are and determining what might be their interests, and how they might respond to a brand message – while keeping a privacy-first approach in mind.

Contextual native advertising attracts new customers

Takeads allows you to shift the targeted ad experience to contextual relevance, creating a positive experience for consumers and increased results for advertisers.

Native formats

Put forward your brand’s appearance in search results

Context formats

Turn visitors from top content websites into customers using native contextual advertising