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It is our mission to deliver compelling messages that engage users, stir emotions, and inspire action without compromising their privacy.

Native advertising

You can unlock additional revenue streams with Takeads without overburdening your users with advertisements or jeopardizing their privacy settings.


Native contextual ads are a great way to attract new customers

Takeads is known for its top-quality advertising formats, involving non-intrusive, native messages that grab the attention of consumers.

Suggest formats

An opportunity to monetize search service with suggest function

Context formats

Contextual advertising formats offer new revenue streams for any content-based website without compromising users’ experience

Our mission

We embrace native advertising – where content and ads work together as a unit to reach relevant users at the right time and place – to raise interest, awareness, and positive responses to your company materials.

The privacy of our users is always our top priority.

Privacy-protected ad targeting

Keywords targeting

We help advertisers boost their revenues through keywords targeting leading to a better match of their preposition and users’ search enquiries

In-text targeting

Advertising opportunities with contextual targeting within the content that is matching users’ interests

Takeads is a privacy-first contextually targeted, native advertising network

With Takeads, you have the opportunity to shift the targeted ad experience to be driven by contextual relevance, leading to a positive experience for consumers and increased outcomes for advertisers. As well as adding new revenue streams, we don’t add any irritating, intrusive formats to your existing content.


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