Discover unique advertising spaces to increase brand awareness from Takeads

Advertising is one of the most important tools for capturing customer attention and building brand awareness today. Every day, advertising grows more sophisticated, as companies search for new ways to reach their target audience. In many ways, Takeads tools help advertisers and publishers to stay ahead of the game and stay innovative by engaging with users natively and without disturbing them.

Let’s start with the following:

Speed Dial – Your Brand at the Forefront in the Browser

This Takeads tool allows brands to showcase their presence on the homepage of a user’s browser. When using the Speed Dial, your brand logo is displayed prominently on the browser start page. Takeads guarantees that your logo will be the first one users see when they open their browser.

Search Suggesr – highlight in the search bar

The Search Suggest tool uses user search queries to increase brand awareness. When users start typing search terms, Takeads displays your brand along with suggested search terms.

Search Results – Coupons Tab

We know how great coupons work for users. With the help of the “Coupons” tool, your brand appears in the search results exactly on the “Coupons” tab. Be sure that users who are looking for discounts and offers will be interested in your brand in order to make a purchase.

Search Highlighting

Displaying the brand logo next to your website link in search results. This visual representation creates an association with the brand and increases the likelihood that users will click on the brand link to learn more about your products or services.

Take Word

This tool highlights keywords on web pages and automatically integrates them with affiliate links to direct users to specific products or landing pages. The words are automatically highlighted by the Takeads WordPress plugin. Words are chosen according to the interests of users, and the meaning of the materials in which interest was shown.

Take Link

This tool is very similar to Take Word, but Take Link focuses on key phrases rather than individual keywords. By highlighting relevant keyword phrases on web pages and combining them with affiliate links.

Take Coupon

The Take Coupon tool allows you to display relevant coupons on the website. This tool adapts to the interests and preferences of users and shows only relevant offers to the target audience.

Takeads tools are carefully selected for each resource. You can find out and discuss which tool is right for your brand by filling out the form on our website.

For a more detailed view of Takeads tools, follow the link.

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