Conversion Maximization: Takeads Introduces Advanced GEO Sorting Priority Setting

Takeads, an innovative leader in native advertising, is pleased to introduce its latest conversion optimization feature: geolocation Sorting Priority. With this powerful addition, Takeads continues to improve the way native ads work, allowing publishers to achieve unprecedented success in their marketing efforts.

All updates are added, taking into account the privacy of user data. Geolocation is withdrawn without any usage of personal data.  

Now let’s dive into the details of this update. Our internal algorithm has been improved to accurately prioritize audience selection. Imagine a publisher who has connected their site to Takeads. Our algorithm performs a comprehensive analysis of site traffic and dynamically adjusts the priority of offers depending on the geographic location of the user.

Here’s an example of how this works: 

Imagine a user visiting an American World Fashion Trends website from Poland. Thanks to our advanced setting of GEO sorting priority, all offers displayed on the site will be specially adapted for the Polish market. Similarly, if a user from Indonesia visits the same American World Fashion Trends site, our algorithm will automatically select geographically relevant offers based on their location.

This update will result in a noticeable increase in conversions, delivering significant improvements for all parties involved.

What do publishers get?

With the introduction of the GEO sorting priority setting, publishers will significantly improve the quality of native ad placement on their site. Offers displayed on publisher sites now accurately match the geographic location and personal interests of the user. As a result, publishers are attracting highly engaged and relevant audiences, resulting in higher conversions and unlocking new levels of profitability.

Benefits for advertisers:

Advertisers will benefit from showing relevant offers to their target audience. As a result, profit maximization becomes achievable thanks to Takeads GEO sorting prioritization. Advertisers can confidently reach out to their target audience at the right time, delivering exceptional ROI and increased brand impact.

Takeads continues to lead the industry by innovating and transforming the native advertising landscape. With the introduction of the GEO sort priority setting, businesses can take full advantage of targeted marketing like never before.

Bearing in mind Takeads mission to respect users data privacy all system innovations are delivered without any processing nor gathering of such data – geolocation is a pseudonymous data not allowing to identify users in any way. 

If you have any questions about the GEO prioritization functionality, please contact us via email:

We will be happy to learn more about your project and get in touch with you.
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